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New Asus P320 Mini GPS Smartphone released

Asus may be best known for its Eee PC these days, but the Taiwanese manufacturer is also well ensconced in the world of Windows Mobile smartphones as well. One of the newest handsets to come out of Taiwan is the Asus P320.

Running on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, the Asus P320 comes packed with Bluetooth, WiFi, EDGE/GPRS, USB, 2.0 megapixel camera, 2.6-inch touchscreen, and integrated GPS navigation. You’ll have no trouble finding your way around town, because the built-in GPS module “allows timely, faster satellite pinpoint and download for users and their location.” Also, unlike other Windows Mobile smartphones, the P320 comes with an Auto Cleaner function that fully closes applications rather than just leaving them to run in the background.

To be sold in your choice of pink, black, or white, the Asus P320 Mini GPS PDA phone retails for around $390 and is available now.


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New Samsung L870 on the base of Symbian

Nokia Wednesday said it has strengthened its collaboration with Samsung with the launch of the business style L870, bringing the total count of announced S60 devices to 79.

The announcement was made at the two-day S60 Summit which opened Wednesday in Barcelona.

“S60 Summit offers the S60 stakeholders an opportunity to share and discuss the S60 future trends and business opportunities,” said Matti Vanska, Vice President, Mobile Software Sales and Marketing at Nokia.

In this event, S60 further demonstrated the extended capabilities announced in April at Web 2.0 in San Francisco.

The evolution of S60 Web Run-Time offering allows creation of personal and context aware widgets with access to information and functionalities from the user’s mobile device.

This enables the development of exciting new services and mash-ups by combining the power of the Web with the power of the S60 platform.

S60 is also expanding its support for open source innovation through Open C++, bringing support for Standard Template Library and other popular platform-independent C++ libraries to the S60 platform. The implementation of these technologies was demonstrated by several companies at the S60 Summit expo.

S60 Wednesday also announced the opening of the Ambassador website. The S60 Ambassador program encourages and engages the early adopters consumer segment in discussion and sharing information on S60-based products, services and applications.


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Google to rival iPhone with new ARM smartphone

British chipmaker ARM has unveiled a prototype mobile phone that will use the operating system Android, launched by Google last November.

The unbranded prototype handset demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona features an internet browser, map software, multimedia applications, text messaging, calendar functions, email and other cell phone functions.

Tipped to rival Apple’s iPhone, ARM’s prototype uses Google as its web browser home page, Google Mail as its email application, and Google Maps for navigation.

Although the Android project is at a relatively early stage, the first Android-based mobile phones are expected to be launched in the market later this year, reports the Telegraph.

Experts at the research firm Strategy Analytics reckon that Android-which is being backed by an alliance of more than 30 mobile phone operators, handset makers, software firms and component manufacturers-will be installed on two per cent of smartphones by December.


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New Nokia N78 already in Finland

It appears that the Nokia N78, a smartphone with a built-in GPS and a 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera, has started shipping. Finnish retail site has started filling orders for the N78 in both the brown and white color schemes.

Other countries will likely see the N78 become available locally in the coming weeks.


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Nokia E66 passes FCC

A new Nokia phone has recently been approved by the FCC. This slider seen in the documents could be the Nokia E66, which is an expected update of the E65. These filings do not reveal too much information, nor do thy confirm, exactly which model it is, but it will likely run the latest version of the S60 platform. It has quad-band GSM/EDGE radios, as well as three separate 3G configurations. One version will have just 2100MHz for Europe, another will nave just 850 for Australia, and a third will have 850/1900 for the U.S.


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Motorola EM30 passes FCC

A new bar-style phone from Motorola has cleared the FCC’s approval process. The EM30 is very similar to the MOTOROKR E8, but it loses the omega wheel navigation scroll bar and replaces it with a standard D-pad. Similar to the E8, it has the morphing keypad, which changes depending on which application is being used. Other things confirmed by the FCC documents and accompanying photos are the GSM/EDGE radios, stereo Bluetooth, full 3.5mm headset jack, microSD slot, large internal memory, as well as Motorola’s Crystal Talk technology. No carrier branding was seen on the EM30, but it could work on most GSM/EDGE networks.


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New Luxury Phone from Christian Dior

Christian Dior has unveiled its first luxury handset, clad in red, silver, or purple. The company did not release full details, but the phone does feature a touchscreen display and a camera. Priced at US$5,000, it’s not likely that you’ll see these around the mall anytime soon.

The Dior phone also comes with a curious extra remote, called My Dior. The My Dior is a headset that connects to the main phone wirelessly, allowing the user to make or receive calls. The remote is designed to clip onto the outside of a purse or bag, eliminating the need for a woman to rummage through her bag in order to answer a call.


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New Samsung TOUCHWIZ SGH-F480

Samsung announces the TOUCHWIZ SGH-F480 touchscreen mobile phone for Europe.

THe Samsung TOUCHWIZ is a so called Haptic phone and gives you 22 kinds of vibration feedbacks. Samsung already introduced the SGH-W420 in Korea with the same haptic user interface experience.

Other features of the HSDPA enabled Samsung TOUCHWIZ include 2.8 inch touchscreen, 5MP camera, LED Flash, and FM Radio.

The Samsung announcement leaves it open if the TOUCHWIZ is going to be available in Europe right away. There is a special event mentioned scheduled for August in Germany, UK and France. It is not clear if the TOUCHWIZ will be available before.


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Samsung Adidas F110 miCoach personal trainer phone

Many of us spend a fortune on gym membership only to join the gang of guilty no-shows after just a few sessions. So is a mere mobile phone capable of putting you on the fast track to personal fitness – and keeping you there?

Samsung and Adidas think so. They’ve teamed up to produce the miCoach mobile phone and integrated personal coaching system. It’s a sophisticated attempt at putting a virtual personal trainer in your phone, offering tailored training regimes to suit your fitness levels and goals.

Other manufacturers have attempted to combine a handset with a training device, but the Samsung and Adidas combo is way ahead of the field. The full miCoach package comes with a heart-rate monitor and a stride sensor that connect wirelessly to the phone. On-board software lets you to create a wide range of workouts, while audio instructions provide updates and training advice during runs. A quick couple of taps on the phone screen will also give you instant bulletins on how you’re doing.

The phone’s music player is woven into the fabric of the miCoach training software too. You can listen to tracks while you’re running, and with a quick button press get one of your pre-chosen motivational songs when you need a boost.

By hooking up the phone to a PC, you can also sync the miCoach phone’s training data with the miCoach website. You can set training goals, download your own personalised training schedule, and monitor your progress on a comprehensive display.

Unlike other training-music combos, such as the Nike+ iPod package, the miCoach has the natural advantage of mobile phone functionality. Samsung hasn’t gone for the most hi-tech handset for this collaboration, offering quad-band GSM GPRS/Edge connectivity rather than 3G.

The miCoach’s sliderphone design is attractively tactile, with a textured rubber-feel back and clever roughened navigation button panel that provides suitable purchase for sweaty fingers. Grooves separate the largish buttons to facilitate easy texting. It has a reasonable sized 2in, 262,000-colour display, but its modest 176 x 220 resolution really limits the graphical performance. The miCoach’s predominantly monochrome user interface comes across as stylish, nonetheless.

The Adidas branding is subtly applied at the bottom of the screen – just enough for others to clock your phone’s sporting pedigree. The navpad is familiar stuff, with quick keys in all directions, including an additional “My menu” list of personalised shortcuts, plus soft-menu keys below the display. Dedicated miCoach and music player buttons flank the navpad, providing quick access to this phone’s main attractions.

At 101.5 x 45 x 14.5mm, the miCoach isn’t particularly small, but its 80g weight makes it feel light in the hand – and in the Adidas-branded armband holder that comes with the device.

The miCoach user interface is nicely thought out. Tapping the runner button on the front slips you into the application, where you’re presented with a carousel of six icons representing the coaching system’s various elements.

You can load in vital statistics (age, weight, etc.) and then try an assessment run to judge your fitness level. Slip on the Adidas heart rate monitor, connect the running shoe stride sensor – both are automatically detected by the phone – plug in the supplied earphones for a running commentary or tune listening, and you’re ready to go.


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Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phone now available in the US

Nearly six months after its next generation of music phones hit the market in Europe, Nokia is finally bringing the latest XpressMusic phones to the U.S.

T-Mobile USA on Tuesday unveiled the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phone, a slim, music-playing handset, at a party here that featured specialty cocktails with names like Disco Lemonade and Purple Rain and performances by up-and-coming artists, K.i.D Cudi, Chester French and the DJ, Kid Capri.

Showing off the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phone at the T-Mobile party in New York.
(Credit: Marguerite Reardon/CNET Networks)

T-Mobile is the first and only wireless operator in the U.S. to sell the new 5310 Xpress Music phone and its big brother the 5610 Xpress Music phone. Both phones were announced by Nokia last August, and they started shipping in Europe in the fourth quarter.

The Nokia 5310 MusicExpress handset hits T-Mobile stores on May 28. Unfortunately, the flashier Nokia 5610 won’t be available until sometime this summer. Why the wait? The company is still adding and making special tweaks to the 5610 that are specially designed for the T-Mobile network, said Tom Harlin, product marketing manager at T-Mobile.

The Nokia 5310 XpressMusic is a very slim candy bar style phone at only 0.39 inches thick and weighing just 3 ounces. It features a 2 megapixel camera that takes still pictures and videos. And of course, it’s got a music player with external controls and stereo Bluetooth connectivity along with T-Mobile’s special myFaves support.

Also in the box is a wired stereo headset, a USB cable for side loading music, and a memory card. And to top it off, T-Mobile has preloaded the phone with two exclusive new songs from artists Panic At The Disco and Phantom Planet. As an added bonus, the Nokia 5310 is also loaded with Panic At The Disco’s latest video, “That Green Gentleman.” T-Mobile also included a special making-of the video with a greeting from the band.

“We wanted people to be able to use it and start listening to music right out of the box,” Harlin said.

Getting cool new phones like the XpressMusic phones into the U.S. market is important for Nokia as it tries to bolster its market share here. The company, which is the worldwide leader in handset sales, is in fourth place in the U.S. market. The company has been working closely with operators to get more of its handsets into the market, but it’s struggled to make significant headway. That said, the company’s CFO told Reuters earlier this week that it expects to grow its market share in North America into the double digits by the end of the year.

The music phones could be a good start for the company. Music-enabled phones made up 60 percent of the phones sold in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2008, according to the NPD Group.

The only downside to the new Nokia XpressMusic phones is that neither phone supports 3G, which means they won’t be able to take advantage of T-Mobile’s newly upgraded network. The phones also lack Wi-Fi. But at $50 for the Nokia 5310, the trade-off might be worth it. Pricing for the Nokia 5610 hasn’t been disclosed yet.


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