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Sprint Shows Off iPhone Clone

Sprint has confirmed that it’s using a series of online videos titled “Watch the Instinct defeat the iPhone” to show side-by-side comparisons of the Samsung Instinct—available to Sprint users next month—and Apple’s iPhone.

The videos compare which of the two phones have a faster Internet connection and which wireless carrier (AT&T or Sprint) offers more precise GPS navigation. They also highlight the iPhone’s shortcomings, such as its inability to access live television, shoot video and download music without a Wi-Fi network.

The series stared appearing on video sharing Web sites earlier this week. Like the iPhone, the Instinct is shown having voice-activated features like visual voicemail that enables users to select messages by tapping the screen. The price has not been disclosed, but the Instinct is expected to cost less than $200 with discounts. The phone would have to be purchased with Sprint’s “Everything” plan, which starts at $69.99 a month.

Other touch screen phones that will hit the market this spring include LG Electronics’ Vu, to be carried exclusively by AT&T. It will come with XM digital radio, video sharing capabilities and an extendable TV antenna.


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