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Motorola W230 bundles great mobile phone basics and fantastic music experience

The W230 is geared to meet the rising needs of people with limited budgets who expect a great experience from their phones.

The W230 is a user friendly phone packed with features such as a mighty music player, long-lasting battery life and Motorola’s proprietary CrystalTalk™ audio-enhancing technology gives you a dependable experience.

Value and a great music experience come together in true harmony on the W230.

Slim design makes the W230 extremely pocket-portable and the no-nonsense keypad and large color display are simple to use.

Besides a nimble and easy-to-use productivity device, the W230 is also a true MP3 player.

It proves its value even further with music features that keep consumers connected and entertained, including a dedicated music key.

The W230 supports FM radio that can be played in stereo through headphones or on the W230’s office-quality speakerphone.

Store as much as 500 of your favourite songs on optional removable microSD cards with up to 2GB of memory.

Patrick Mulligan, Vice president , Mobile Devices, Motorola Middle East & Africa said:

“We at Motorola focus on diverse customer needs and offer feature rich devices to suit varying price ranges across the region, which means there is a phone for everyone. Having the W230 means you do not have to carry or invest in a separate MP3 player. To summarize, the W230 is a basic phone packed with alluring features sure to exceed user expectations across the Middle East’.

The W230 goes beyond basic phone features with multiple ways to stay in touch and up to approximately nine hours of talk time.

It can pack up to 500 text messages and phone contacts, and features an enhanced user interface, making it easy to create a text with one click.

The W230 provides regional language support by offering languages like English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, French and Mandarin.

Motorola’s CrystalTalk technology enhances each phone call by helping reduce background noises, so calls will be loud and clear.

The Motorola W230 is a phone that talks your language, plays your music and saves on your pocket.

The phone struts in two pleasing color faceplates, licorice outlined in lustrous silver and dark titanium gray bordered in mandarin that consumers can interchange at whim.


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