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MetroPCS launches Motorola MOTO VE440

Today MetroPCS launched a special edition Motorola MOTO VE440 phone that sports Mister Cartoon rear panels.
Motorola ve440 mistercartoon

Motorola ve440 mistercartoon
The VE440 launched last September, and the limited edition version is available in black and chrome, and comes with 1 GB microSD card loaded with 2 unreleased Snoop Dogg tracks, two interchangeable Mister Cartoon back covers, a 1.3 megapixel camera, and a 2-inch display. It also has external music controls. Mister Cartoon is a tattooist, car customizer, illustrator, and designer.

The $129 VE440 will retail in select MetroPCS locations and at on MetroPCS’ promotional site.


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