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Cox Entering the Android Market with Kyocera phone

The folks over at Android and Me are reporting that Cox Wireless is coming soon and that Cox is testing an Android phone from Kyocera. Currently Cox Wireless utilizes Sprint’s 3G CDMA/EVDO network, which they are still planning on using for roaming service. However with Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G trials just being completed on the network (reported to reach peak speeds of 25Mbps down to 10Mbps), it is being rumored that their service will be launched in three test markets in possibly March.

This really hits home for me. I have been wondering for some time why Cox hasn’t entered into the wireless cellphone market. Reason being is that I am currently a Cox customer and would love to have all of my services lumped into one bill. Depending on what kind of impact Cox has on the cell market, I, like most people, would much rather have one internet service (instead of having to pay for it at home and on my cell network), but that makes too much sense right?

I had also heard the rumor over two years ago about Cox entering the cell phone service. I was also told that you would be able to watch recorded shows directly from your DVR, as well as set them up to record. So, depending on your coverage, you could be driving to your vacation destination and watching your recorded shows right on your phone. Or, with the right phone, maybe it could be hooked up via an HDMI cable and you could watch a movie on a TV in a hotel.


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