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BlackBerry Tour2 release date

While today’s news will surely be dominated by the pre-ordering of the Apple iPad, there are a few other tidbits that should excite current and future BlackBerry owners in San Francisco, especially those of you who have emailed asking about the BlackBerry Tour 2.

It seems as though sources have released some interesting intel that points to a possible release of the new, and highly anticipated BlackBerry OS 5.0 in a time frame of 2-3 weeks. So that could mean this month, it could mean on April 3rd when the iPad comes out, who knows. Apparently it will include a Push-to-Talk function that Verizon is going to charge you $5 a month for.

Also of note is news that the BlackBerry Tour2 9650 aka the BlackBerry Bold 9650 aka the BlackBerry Essex, it has a lot names, could very well be making its debut with Push-to-Talk sometime in May. So. Verizon users in San Francisco that means you could have one of these bad boys within two months.

That rocks.

If rumors about the phone are true, it is essentially the original BlackBerry Tour with Wi-Fi and a trackpad replacing that pesky trackball. So, Tour2 with OS 5.0 that sounds pretty good doesn’t it?


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