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HTC Touch Pro3 – probably the last Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone

Now that Microsoft has unveiled Windows Phone 7 Series’ imminent arrival, is there anything that could still possibly convince anyone to buy a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone? HTC sure hopes so: according to an xda-developers tipster, HTC is readying a Windows Mobile 6.5 packing sequel to the HTC Touch Pro2 called (surprise!) the HTC Touch Pro3 for launch in Q3 of 2010. In other words, right before Windows Phone 7 handsets start hitting the shelves.

The HTC Touch Pro3 is believed to be a 3.0-inch, WQVGA touchscreen device with a resisitive touchscreen, dual-band HSPA, 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and GPS/aGPS, with a 600MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 CPU with 512MB of built-in memory and 256MB of RAM. It is thought to be a more compact phone than its predecessor, the HTC Pro2.

That’s not a bad looking phone, which makes the decision to ship it with Windows Mobile 6.5 all the more incredible. No one is going to want a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone after Windows 7 Series ships, and you won’t be able to upgrade WinMo phones to Windows 7 because of Microsoft’s tight control of hardware supported by the OS this time around.

In other words, anyone buying the HTC Touch Pro3 will find it almost immediately become obsolete. My guess is we’re just not likely to hear much about the Touch Pro3 when it comes out: all eyes are going to be on the horizon trying to spy the Touch Pro4.


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