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LG GD350 Is Coming To Russia

LG has sent a new ‘luxury’ featurephone to Russia today. Their newest phone is a clamshell feature phone dubbed the GD350. It’s got a stylish look to it and (as you can see by the pictures), it’s black with gold accents. It’s no high-powered smartphone but it’s pretty decent as far as featurephones go.

It’s features include a 2-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, an FM radio receiver, a microSD card reader, a media player that can play most audio formats, a red notification LED light, and two LCD screens (the internal regular one and an external one that probably shows the time).

It’s also got dedicated music shortcut keys on the outside of the phone so the phone be used closed like a MP3 player. It’s media player features are actually supposed to be pretty good. It supports viewing playlists by artist, album, genre, etc. etc. The battery comes in at 800mAh, not great, but since this isn’t a netbook or smartphone, it probably gives it a decent amount of battery life.

Rumors on the internet have LG possibility bringing this feature phone to different markets around the world. It’s also been speculated that LG could simply change the color scheme to market it to different market niches. – not a bad idea.


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