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Samsung Omnia 3 Will Run Windows Phone 7

A prototype of the Samsung Omnia 3 was recently shown at Microsoft’s MIX10 event, meaning that Samsung and possibly Verizon Wireless are working on quite an iPhone competitor.

Verizon Wireless has been the exclusive provider of Samsung’s Omnia smartphones in the U.S. If Verizon Wireless will also offer the Samsung Omnia 3, VZW customers should have a really nice mobile solution to look forward to. If you ask us, the Samsung Omnia 3 powered by Windows Phone 7 could become the iPhone competitor Verizon customers have been waiting for. Though it’s not yet known when and where the Samsung Omnia 3 will officially appear, a prototype of the device was recently shown at Microsoft’s MIX10 event.

There’s no information available for the Samsung Omnia 3 beyond Microsoft’s current minimum hardware requirements, including a WVGA capacitive touchscreen with 4 or more contact points, A-GPS, accelerometer, compass, proximity sensor, 5-megapixel camera with flash and dedicated camera button, 256MB RAM and 8GB Flash memory, as well as a high-end CPU with DirectX9 acceleration. And with all that on the table, the rest can basically be figured out by looking at what Samsung is cranking out in high-end smartphone nowadays, such as 720p video recording, AMOLED screens and DivX video playback. In addition there’s all the native functionality in Windows Phone 7 Series.

Furthermore, when adding trusted Silverlight 4 applications to the picture, the Samsung Omnia 3 would become one of the hottest smartphones to be had when released down the road. Since Silverlight 4 is brand new, it’s not clear whether it’ll be part of Windows Phone 7 at the official launch though. That said, with Silverlight 4 on board, the Samsung Omnia 3 would be able to provide highly interactive Web apps, both when it comes to social networking and productivity tasks.

Silverlight 4 will simply provide access to a phone’s local files, hardware components like camera and microphone as well as letting third-party developers provide access to Microsoft software functionality from within Silverlight 4 apps. The latter could for instance be related to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Office. Silverlight 4 apps will also offer the ability to notify users the same way Outlook notifies users of incoming e-mail today.

Silverlight 4 will also provide content protection for H.264 media through Silverlight DRM powered by PlayReady, aiming to let media providers offer subscription, purchase and rental based media services. Hardware video acceleration should also play a role here to ensure smooth playback. Furthermore, Silverlight 4 supports multi-touch gestures as well as a range of new interface elements related to animations and transitions as currently seen in native app technology.

All in all, the Samsung Omnia 3 powered by Windows Phone 7 would likely provide the latest and greatest cell phone technology coupled with the latest and greatest mobile software technology. Now it only remains to be seen whether Verizon Wireless will pick it up, and if the carrier will get an exclusive as with the previous Omnia models.


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