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Android-Based LG GT450 Swift phone

After toying around with the idea of releasing an android phone for quite some time, LG has gone on to register its second android based phone in the LG GT450 Swift smart phone. The phone has been dubbed as being a “a specialized social networking smart phone”, this phone has been made specifically for first time smart phone users, users who are looking for a quick and a straightforward method of accessing their social networking profiles on the move.

The phone is available in several colors, and LG made its revelation earlier this year at the CES. This android based device has a 3 inch color transflective TFT display, with a maximum on screen resolution of around 320 x 480 pixels. The device doesn’t sport a keypad and is equipped with a touch screen display instead.

The android operating system, Android 1.6/Donut in this case, provides a built-in keypad feature that can be used as a software substitute in place of a hardware keypad. The mobile phone comes with a 3.1 Mega pixel digital camera, with plenty of support added on to assist in taking wonderful photographs. The camera has an auto focus feature, allowing one to focus on a particular target when clicking pictures. With a CMOS type sensor, the camera looks to provide decent photographs and video. It supports the JPG format and can record videos in mp4 and 3GP formats.

Satellite navigation never was easy, with support for GPS and Geotagging, the phone boasts of having been equipped with two GPS modes – Assisted GPS and QuickGPS modes are available. An analog radio has been built into the device. Wireless internet is also supported through WiFi(at speeds of 54mbps).

The phone runs on a ARM Cortex-A8, has a clock speed of around 550 MHz with a 32Kb, being specifically provided for a built in data cache. The RAM capacity though is lower than in other mobile phone bundles that make it to the market. The phone is equipped with a 256 MB RAM, certainly a let-down as many smart phones feature a higher grade RAM in comparison to this device.

The device looks good overall with generic features like Bluetooth, USB support, MicroSD card support etc being incorporated in this device. The device is expected to roll out in April 2010 and LG is tightlipped about the pricing. With features that rely heavily on providing a good social networking experience, like similar smart phones released earlier, the cost will definitely prove to be a reckoning factor to success in the market.


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