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LG Versa – Touch-Screen Handset with Additional Optional Modules

The LG Versa is a touch-screen phone from Verizon Wireless that is sold with a variety of additional external modules for increasing the phone’s functionality. Nevertheless, even without the additional options, the LG is a quite good mobile phone. It is available for $199.99 including a two-year service agreement and $50 of rebate.

The size of the Versa compiles 4.17 inches long by 2.07 inches wide by 0.54 inch thick. The Versa’s weight is 3.81 ounces. There is a spacious touch-screen display which measures 3 inches and supports 262,000 hues as well as 480×240 pixel resolution.

The screen of Versa gives a tactile feedback and in general the touch interface is rather responsive. Nevertheless, some applications have problems.

The LG Versa is equipped with a detachable QWERTY keyboard module. In order to add it you have to remove the battery cover. Adjusted, the module becomes a case, and even features the cutouts for the camera on its back. It has an external monochrome OLED display of 0.94 inch which shows time, date, battery and signal strength, caller ID. It provides two call buttons. When the module is added the Versa becomes an inch thicker and half an ounce heavier. The keyboard module is spacious and handy for texting. The keys are tactile. If not to use the additional QWERTY keyboard module, there is an opportunity to text with the help of the touch screen. The Versa has also a handwriting recognition.

Besides to all the essential features you will get full a Bluetooth support including stereo Bluetooth and file transfer, full HTML browser, GPS, EV-DO, Verizon’s services including music download, V Cast Video, V Cast Music, streaming video service. The LG Versa is available with a 2.0-megapixel camera with 5 resolutions and a LED flash. We liked the quality of taken photos.

The attractiveness of the LG Versa (touch-screen handset with an animated user interface) is not its only plus, the phone is fully equipped with features. They are: EV-DO, 2.0-megapixel camera, GPS, a full HTML browser, Flash Lite support. Some of the features come additionally, for example, a QWERTY keyboard module.

The bad point about the LG Versa is Web-browsing that is not brilliant. The absence of Wi-Fi is disappointing and sometimes the screen becomes unresponsive in some applications.

The LG Versa is a nice touch-screen phone with additional optional modules.


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