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Samsung SCH-W960 – First 3D Phone Unveiled In South Korea

South Korean electronic company Samsung has unveiled the world’s first 3D Smartphone, tagged as the Samsung SCH-W960. Wasn’t it the era of 3D viewing as we recently saw the 3D war between top TV makers such as Sony, Samsung and Toshiba. Well, it seems like, things are going to be a little more Techie. Samsung has always been known for bringing up the latest and most innovative cellphones for the market.

The all-new Samsung SCH-W960 smartphone is the first ever 3D phone which for now would be available in the South Korean market and later expanded to worldwide markets. Just as we saw the ability to convert 2D content to 3D using the push of a button in Samsung Televisions which was showcased recently at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in Las Vegas, the same is the case with this smart gadget. With a single touch, all content in 2D form can be converted to 3D which will deliver unmatched content.

The 3D smartphone is equipped with features such as:

The smartphone is integrated with a special hardware technology which makes 3D viewing possible without the need of 3D glasses. One reason behind integrating the latest technology in the smartphone would be the users who are relying more of smartphones and gadgets in their hands in means of communication, social media, business and much more, that the technology had to be brought in this particular gadget.


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