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Nokia Announces C5 phone

While mobile phone manufacturers are seemingly competing against each other, Nokia has decided to bring out its C5 model in an attempt to push the standards and technology to the highest possible altitude. The C5 has all the greatest features for sharing and social networking and the custom optimization that it features is top notch. Not only is this a great social networking smart phone, but it also offers its users the use of Ovi Maps with drive navigation and the inclusive free walk mode. This will allow you to share your location with friends on your social networks so that if you are in the same area you can hook up for a coffee and chat.

Actual Release Later this Year

While Nokia has only stated the C5 as an announcement, the release date is scheduled for some time in the 2nd quarter, allowing more people to gear themselves up for its pending arrival. It is Nokia’s hope that there will be an uproar about this phone much like the iPhone debut, although probably on a smaller scale. While the iPhone release was of great importance to mobile phone users, the Nokia C5 is lagging a bit behind with the latest technology.


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