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Puma Android phone is coming

Sagem, the mobile maker behind the ace Puma Phone, has said it’s priming a brand new version, replete with Android. When can you lay your hands on this Google-friendly sports cell? Read on and find out.

The Puma Phone was a big draw at Mobile World Congress in February, drawing plenty of attention for its sleek UI and inclusion of an on-board cat, called Dylan. But Sagem says it wants to go further with the Puma 2, which it says will be out in 2011.

This new edition will come running Android with a custom skin slathered over the top. That should put it right up with the likes of HTC Sense and MotoBLUR.

Sagem also says the new Puma 2 will be cheaper than the current model, which is due to cost £329 when it launches this summer. Sports fanatics, you may well want to hold out for some Android action.


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