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Sagem reveals new NFC-enabled Android phone

Sagem will be releasing the Netribe, a Near Field Communication-toting device, this year.

The Netribe, like Sagem’s recently developed phone for sportswear brand Puma, is a highly customisable and brand-oriented device.

Actually, it shares many features with the Puma phone, including biometrics, solar cells, and atmospheric sensors.

However what is most notable about the new Netribe is the implementation of NFC (Near field communication) technologies.

How these abilities will be put to use has yet to outlined by the company, but this aspect of the phone certainly make for a new set of interesting possibilities for the mobile platform.

The specs on this ‘phone’ are few and far between at this early stage, but the company is toting it as “more than an Android open OS tablet phone” so we aren’t sure just yet what we can expect from this enigmatic device.

According to the Netribe will be shipped in the third quarter of 2010 and sell for around $150 US dollars. Stay tuned for more updates about this brand-ready bombshell.


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