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First Dell Android phone – Dell Aero

Of all the hot new Dell devices, the Dell Aero is probably the least exciting, although it’ll be first, coming to AT&T sometime soon in Q2 2010. In addition to it’s 3.5-inch (iPhone size) touchscreen, it’s coming with a stylus for handwriting recognition on the device (Apple Newton, anybody?)

It’ll also come with a Marvell 624MHz processor. While this is what the Motorola Droid (and a ton of other phones have), it sort of solidifies the Dell Aero as a mid-range Android phone when you look at competition from the various 1GHz Android superphones out there.

The Dell Aero will also come with only Android 1.5, although the leak says that Dell is planning an upgrade to Android 2.1 sometime later this year. The strange wording in the leak has got some thinking that maybe Dell might just not opt for an OTA update and only give new Aeros the 2.1 update. That would be really unfortunate.

Of course, there’s the AT&T issue. Their first Android phone – the Motorola Backflip – featured a heavily modified locked down version of Android. Some indications pointed towards the Dell Aero being the same way, but with the Backflip getting so much backlash, it isn’t out of the question that AT&T would free her up a bit – if their Apple overlord lets them.


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