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Acer to launch mobile Internet devices

Acer plans to launch a full line of mobile Internet devices by the end of May in a bid to boost profitability and add to its mobile device offerings. The company will also release version 4.0 of its Shell user interface on the new MIDs, said Gianfranco Lanci, Acer’s CEO and president, at the company’s first-quarter investors’ conference. The devices will all include 3G wireless connectivity and will be able to interact together and share data. Acer executives declined to further discuss what kind of devices it would reveal.

A new variant of the Storm worm has emerged, but it does not appear to be as well-designed as its older relative, according to computer security researchers. The Storm worm first appeared in early 2007 and spread quickly, making it one of the most prolific and widespread worms ever. Once it infected people’s computers, the worm sent million upon millions of spam messages. The new Storm communicates via HTTP traffic, but it is programmed to receive instructions from one IP (Internet Protocol) address hosted by a server in the Netherlands. Since it is receiving instructions from just one IP address, it means the new Storm may be easier to shut down.


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