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Pantech breEZe II Clamshell Now Available at AT&T

Its hard to write about a simple clamshell style phone, but that said, I do realize they have their place in the market. After all not everyone wants an expensive smartphone, or the extra expense in the form of a required data plan. Given that, they should be fair game to cover once in a while, especially when they come sporting a super cool name as in the case of the Pantech breEZe II. And yes, that is the official spelling.

pantech breeze ii 480

Moving past the name though, and getting to the important part — the price. In the case of the Pantech breEZe II you will be able to pick one up for just $19.99 on contract. Though it is worth mentioning that the price comes after a $50 mail in rebate and along with a two year agreement. In other words, expect to pay $69.99 in the store and get a few forms to fill out so you can get your $50 rebate in the mail. Additionally, those looking to go contract free will be able to shell out $169.99.
As for the specs, they are simple. But that is kind of what you would expect in a clamshell style feature phone. Isn’t it? Anyway, you can expect to find a QVGA internal display, 1.3 megapixel camera, microSD card slot, an external display and three separate external LED notifiers which will alert the user of missed calls, new messages and a low battery.
Additionally, the breEZe II also has three one-touch call keys on the inside, which are ever so nicely labeled as 1, 2 and 3 and what was described as “large font and keypad.” As a bonus, the breEZe II comes with 3G support for faster “Internet browsing and navigation functions. Though I am not sure how much Internet browsing you will be doing on the smaller sized display.
Finally, in a move that rings true to the mentioned target audience that is described as being “users of all ages” you have a customizable menu that offers a simple “breEZe mode” or “advanced mode.” Of course, in reality the advanced mode is just giving full access to all of the features including a music player, games and social networking.
In the end though, if you are on the AT&T network, or willing to switch and are looking for a simple no nonsense clamshell phone then the Pantech breEZe II may be just what you are looking for.


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