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Samsung announces S5150 Diva

Samsung S5150 Diva is a Korean mobile phone. It is especially a folder lady handset. It is outstandingly beautiful in its body make. It uniquely presents a three dimensional cube that is artfully sculpted to give a spectacular pattern to its elegant design. Undoubtedly, this mobile phone will look very ethnic especially in ladies palms. This decent mobile phone with its pretty and attractive clamshell or a folder measures 94 x 47 x 17.4 mm when it is closed and weighs 82 grams which makes it a very light and pocket friendly device for men too. Moreover, this handset operates exclusively on tri band; GSM plus GPRS and EDGE.

Samsung S5150 Diva possesses an efficient Bluetooth 2.0 which is unparallel wireless high data synching with ultrafast speed in connection with other devices. The other outstanding features are 2.2, TFT, LCD display with QVGA, 320 x 240 pixels resolutions availing 16 million colours. It has in addition the secondary display immediately after the folder is closed which is highly monochromatic and can be artfully buried in its sculpted body. The picture taking is fabulous with 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera plus QVGA video recording. It also encompasses software assisted for the beauty effect that will not only automatically increase the portrait shots that are taken in close up but will also enhance the Lomo effect of an olden shot.

Samsung S5150 Diva has a multimedia function which covers media players supporting popular audio and video file formats. There is also FM radio and Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP which provides wireless stereo earphones. The micro SD cards can store up to 32 GB. Its 800 mAh Lithium ion battery can offer 7 hours talk time and standby time of 7.8 days. This handset is sported with customizable touch-wiz user interface that is stylishly made for ladies covering wish list and mode of etiquette which will automatically make the phone silent in the grand meetings and even social gatherings.


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