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Acer releases a high new Liquid Stream of Android

According to the news of the Acer official website, Acer’s latest official release Android cell phones Liquid Stream, this cell phone will serve as its high-end cell phones in the market.

Liquid Stream debuted in last week’s 2010 Google I / O Developer Conference, the day before yesterday has already passed the U.S. Federal Communications Commission FCC testing and certification, be in the U.S. market, Acer’s announcement of the United States confirm the news.

The new cell phone will be equipped with a 3.7-inch AMOLED WVGA resolution touch screen, support for 1.67 million color display, and provides 2000:1 contrast, in the light conditions can also clear the display, and can save a lot of background from the screen light caused by power consumption. Liquid Stream supports up to 7.2Mbps downlink speeds of HSDPA network; it also supports Bluetooth, and WiFi wireless connection.

Snapdragon 1GHz processor with 512MB RAM so that it can guarantee the running speed of the machine, built-in 2GB flash memory space, and supports MicroSD card expansion to a maximum of 32GB storage space. Liquid Stream will install the Android 2.1 version of the operating system; it is not clear whether the Android 2.2 will be updated or not.

About Audio and video entertainment, this brand cell phone supports 720P HD movie recording, equipped with Dolby Digital sound system, mobile, and supports UPnP technology and other devices to share content, built-in 500-megapixel camera, GPS, HDMI output. Acer has not published the current price of this cell phone and time to market and other information so far.


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