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BlackBerry Curve 9300 Details Leaked

For the past decade, one of the most popular devices in mobile electronics has been Research in Motion’s Blackberry franchise of mobile phones. While the company has frequently released new and updated versions of the phone, they have typically done a good job of keeping knowledge of unreleased phones quiet.

However, it appears that news and details behind the company’s newest phone have been leaked to the general public. Details and pictures of the Blackberry Curve 9300 have been released by an unknown source. The much anticipated phone has been compared by many to the Blackberry 8520. Pictures of the Blackberry Curve 9300 show that the phone will share the same optical track pad, form factor, and keyboard style as the Blackberry 8520. However the Blackberry Curve 9300 has the same screen as the Blackberry 8900 ad Blackberry 9700. Rumors also have it that the pictures that have been leaked are for the US version of the phone only.

While actual operating and marketing details of the new phone is unknown, pictures of the phone do provide some clues to technology experts. The style of the Blackberry Curve 9300 leads many to believe that the phone will be marketed and sold as a middle of the road device. The phone is expected to have access to both WiFi networks as well as 3G networks. While it is believed that the phone will operate on the Blackberry OS 5 operating system, there is a chance that the phone could work off of the much anticipated Blackberry 6 operating system.


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