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Korean Corby: Samsung SHW-A250

Samsung is out with another Korea-only device marked as SHW-A250. The all-touchscreen phone resembles the original Corby product with such specs as 2.8-inch touchscreen, 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity, media player and a microSD memory card slot. In addition, there are the usual country-specific features such as SOS function, subway maps as well as T-DMB mobile TV receiver.

Two of Korea’s leading mobile operators, SK Telecom and KT, will both sell the A250. SKT will offer it in black or white, while KT will also sell brown and pink versions. The price is 500,000 won, which is about $423, and I guess that’s the contract-free price.

Again, this isn’t something you could get if you’re living in the Western part of the world (which probably is the case according to our stats) and it’s also not something you need. If you like how the Samsung A250 sounds, grab the original Corby phone – it’s pretty much the same device without the mentioned subway maps and mobile TV, which you can’t use anyways…


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