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LG Cookie Plus Coming To TELUS

Canadian carrier TELUS will be getting a new phone. The LG Cookie Plus will be the next phone in line after the mildly successful first LG Cookie. The Cookie is a modest multimedia phone with a 3-inch touchscreen display and some social networking features.

Internal documents received by Canadian mobile phone site MobileSyrup reveal that the phone will cost just $29.99 on a three-year deal (the norm in Canada). Since phones like these are popular with the youngsters, we could see a lot of Canadian young people getting these new phones as a back-to-school gift or something.

As mentioned, it has a 3-inch screen with a resolution of 240×400. It offers a 3MP camera and a MP3 player. Regarding software, it looks like its running Android (but it’s not). It’s actually running LG’s LiveSquare stuff, which has connectivity with Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. This stuff should be enough to help you stay in touch with your friends.

This is somewhat of a leak, since TELUS hasn’t announced or listed the phone officially yet. But – according to the Canadian’s in the know, it should be coming soon.


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