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New Samsung YP-MB2 Galaxy Android PMP pictures available

The Samsung YP-MB2 may not be the only phone-sized portable media player running Google Android on the horizon anymore. But this iPod touch competitor will always have a special place in our hearts… because it just looks so darn much like an iPod touch.


The YP-MB2  also happens to have some pretty awesome specs including a 1GHz processor and 4 inch Super AMOLED display. Unlike the iPod touch, it also supports Bluetooth and has a camera. Oh yeah, and it runs Google Android 2.1.


Samsung still hasn’t officially announced the YP-MB2 yet, but we’ve seen plenty of evidence that it’s coming to market soon.


Now Samsung Hub has managed to track down the first real-world photos of the portable media player. It looks pretty slick, with directional pad of some sort at the bottom as well as back and menu keys. There’s a bit of chrome around the edges, and really, the whole thing just looks an awful lot like an iPod touch — until you turn it over and see the camera and white cover on the back.


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