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AT&T Confirms LG Encore, Rolling Out on September 5th

LG fans will be happy to find that AT&T plans to launch a new feature-phone on September 5th, the LG Encore. An official document announcing the handset has leaked recently and confirms its imminent release on the market.

I’m not sure in which category to place LG Encore, but it seems closer to the mid-budget range than the entry-level category.
From the leaflet leaked we can tell that the LG Encore (GT550) comes with a 3.0-inches touch screen, dual band HSDPA/UMTS support (3.6 Mbps), and quad band GSM compatibility.

The handset sports a 3.0-megapixel camera with video recording capabilities, 32 MB internal memory, as well as microSD card slot for memory expansion (up to 16 GB).

Other key features of the device include: Stereo Bluetooth, microUSB port, integrated aGPS with AT&T Navigator for turn-by-turn voice and on-screen driving directions.

LG Encore embeds customizable menu screens and widgets, Quick Access to key messaging and social networking sites, including AT&T Social Net, Facebook and more.

The mobile phone features three screen menu tabs for contacts, messaging and favorites, as well as a wide range of carrier-specific services, such as AT&T Social Net, AT&T Address Book, Video Share, web browsing with

Even though the device may arrive in the stores prior to its launch date, the carrier strongly advices against displaying or selling it until September 5th.

There’s no information regarding its price tag unlocked or with contract, but I don’t think it worths more than $150.
On a side note, AT&T specifically advices its customers to refer to local market pricing for details about the LG Encore’s selling price.
If nothing goes wrong we might see the feature-phone on the shelves in about 3 days, as the leaked AT&T memo suggests.
If you’re an LG fan or wish to try out a cheap (hopefully) touch screen mobile phone, LG Encore could be an interesting choice for AT&T subscribers.


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