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Samsung Introduces Nori F (SHW-A200) in South Korea

Even though not longer than one month ago, Samsung launched the original Nori (SHW-A220) in South Korea, the Korean company decided to continue the lineup with a new Nori F mobile phone, which was just announced.

Specifically designed for Asia, Samsung Nori F (SHW-A200), comes in four flashy colors: Bleu Marin, Red, Orange and Light Blue.
If the original Nori was a bar feature-phone, the new Nori F has a clamshell form factor and comes with unique feature, LED illumination. Further, users will be able to customize this LED illumination on the front side of the phone as they see fit.

If you don’t remember Samsung Nori also came with something unique, as users could customize the phone with eight different characters adhesive films that helped creating a distinct identity.

The newly launched Samsung Nori F comes with a 2.8-inches WQVGA display (240×400 pixels resolution), 3G connectivity, T-DMB compatibility, Gyro sensor, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP support.

It also sports a 3.0- megapixel camera, and a 1.3-megapixel front facing camera for video calls.

The phone includes microSD card slot for memory expansion and supports up to 16 GB memory cards. Nori F is powered by a 880mAh battery, but there’s no info regarding its life expectancy yet.

Samsung Nori F is not one of the ‘brightness’ phones on the Korean market, unless we’re talking literally, which is true, thanks to its LED illumination feature.

Targeting youngsters, Nori F will probably make enough victims through teenagers who are looking to impress by showing off their phone.
Samsung Nori F should be available soon through all three major Korean carriers, SKT, LG U+ and KT.

The phone will be cheaper than the original Nori (600,000 won, approx. $511), and will be available for “only” 500,000 won (approx. $426). This phone would have no chance in Europe or overseas at this price.


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