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The Style 9670, Blackberry’s new clamshell phone, demo videos leaked online

The Blackberry Style 9670 is already a movie star, staring in a series of leaked YouTube commercials demonstrating RIM’s new Clamshell style smart phone.

There’s not a lot of information available for the Blackberry Style, it seems to be running RIM’sb; new Blackberry OS 6. There’s no launch date, no technical specs, rumor is it’ll be available on Verizon and Sprint by the end of the year, but that seems to just be rumor.

What do we know? It’s a clamshell Blackberry that looks better than the flip, but still looks like it could use some designer polish. It will be interesting to see what technical specs the phone comes with and if it breaks out of the underpowered molds most of the current phones seem to be coming out of.

You can view the video below for a basic overview of the external display of the phone, or click on the links below for the actual videos


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