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Modu T-phone Comes with Android

Modu, the Israeli mobile phone company founded by Dov Moran, the inventor of the USB flash, is just preparing to launch its next Modu handset. The company has already started invites for a press event in Israel, which will take place on October 10th, and we have reasons to suspect that they will announce their new modular device.

Even though the first Modu phone wasn’t a market success, it seems that the Israeli company decide to continue its project by launching a new modular handset called T-Phone.

This time the device will run on Android platform, though it’s not sure which version of the OS will be embedded.

My bet is on Android 1.6, but we might be in for a nice surprise if the manufacturer decides to offer its customers the latest Android 2.2 Froyo operating system.

Feature-wise the device is superior to its Modu predecessor, but information is scarce at the moment.

What we know is that it will come with Android OS, touchscreen, 2GB internal memory, microSD card slot for memory expansion, as well as Wi-Fi and GSM or CDMA 3G.

The aforementioned features will be included in the core unit of the device, as many other features will be implemented according with the “jacket” you decide to use.

Thus, you will be able to add a physical keyboard, a gamepad, or stereo speakers, just by selecting a specific “jacket”, which will also make the smartphone to look different.

Modu phone maker also released a wide range of interchangeable “jackets,” which will probably be fully compatible with its newest product.

The highly anticipated T-Phone is supposed to be the lightest phone with touch display. No other information has been disclosed regarding its measures and weight.

Its price tag is also unknown for the moment, but the device shouldn’t be that expensive, as many users will have to buy themselves different “jackets” to add the features they need.


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