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First information on new HTC Knight

A new smartphone from HTC has been spotted on an online forum, sparking rumours that it will be called the Knight and that it will be running the very latest version of Android when it first makes an appearance.

There are virtually no specs available to help flesh out the thin details about the HTC Knight, but a leaked picture appears to show a large touchscreen interface and the logo of US network provider Sprint, which suggests that this is moving away from the development stage and being prepped for launch across the pond.

According to the XDA developers forum, the HTC Knight will also sport a slider design amongst its specs, which could imply that either a full QWERTY keypad or a Dolby virtual surround speaker system may be integrated, following on from the Windows Phone 7 based HTC Surround that was recently announced.

At the moment the HTC Knight is the subject of a great deal of speculation based on scant few solid facts, but given that HTC has been consistent in its launch of high end smartphones with decent specs and well implemented operating systems, it would be a surprise for the Knight not to continue with this tradition.


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