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Mid-range Nokia Symbian^3 phone is on sale now

Finnish communication equipment manufacturer Nokia has announced that it is shipping its middle-of-the-road Symbian^3 handset, the enthrallingly named C6-01.

The announcement comes as the firm tries to drum up interest in its handsets in the runup to Christmas. The C6-01 mobile phone is an upgraded version of the C6, as if you could never guess, with a 3.2-inch 640×360 AMOLED touchscreen, an 8MP camera, the now usual compliment of accelerometer, digital compass, proximity and ambient light sensors and a GPS receiver. Internal memory is a paltry 340MB though a microSD slot supports up to 32GB of storage.
Although Symbian^3 is a game leg compared to alternative operating systems from Apple and Google, Nokia is pitching its C6-01 as a mid-range mobile phone and, unlike the N8, the device looks like a pretty decent design. The only problem is that we couldn’t find a single mobile operator in the UK that will be stocking the device or even listing it as “coming soon”.
Nokia boasts about the environmentally friendly credentials of the C6-01, saying that the device uses bioplastics and recycled materials in its construction to become “one of the greenest devices” the firm has ever produced. If that doesn’t whet your appetite – and frankly, why should it? – Nokia says the 8MP camera can shoot 720p video, though it admits that the 340MB memory is “a tad light”.
Priced correctly the C6-01 looks exactly like the type of phone that helped Nokia become the mobile phone powerhouse, a status it is so desperately trying to defend. However the problem is that although Nokia says it has managed to get the device out of the door, so far no one can find out where they can buy it.
Even with Nokia and mobile operators being cagey about carrying the C6-01 handset, it is likely to appear sometime and somewhere before Christmas.


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