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Samsung Evergreen: New Eco-friendly Phone

It is definitely not the kind of product, power users usually look forward to, but Samsung Evergreen is certainly a product for those who can make a little bit sacrifice on the performance front to do something good to the environment. Samsung in collation with the AT&T has ultimately released a new environment friendly phone “Samsung Evergreen” that will be available on 7th November.

AT&T claims that this phone is made out of 70% recycled post-consumer plastics and that means, it is going to be the most favorable product among environment conscious people. The emphasis is clearly on the Planet Earth and the phone looks almost ordinary with a simple sliding QWERTY and an average sized screen. Samsung has tried to woo the attention of the audience by making a unique declaration that it will donate $1 for every Evergreen sold. It is surely going to strike the right cord with the growing number of environment conscious people.
Samsung Evergreen comes with some basic features that include Bluetooth 2.1, support for AT&T Navigator, dual-band 3G, 2 megapixel camera and a 2.4-inch display. 3 G connectivity is also available and at $29.99, it is a deal that you would not want to miss.


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