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Dell Presents Tablet Phone in Korea

Smartphones are too small for reading e-books, and tablet PCs fall short on portability. That’s why Dell is pioneering a new segment in the mobile communication market — the tablet phone, Ian Chapman-Banks, general manager of Dell Asia Pacific, said on Wednesday.

Through mobile carrier KT, Dell is launching here on Friday a 5-inch Android-powered smartphone called the Streak, and a 4.1-inch sliding touch phone dubbed the Venue. The Streak will have the largest screen among smartphones in the market. Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Tab tablet PC features a 7-inch display, and its Galaxy S smartphone a 4-inch screen.

As smartphones are an emerging market, latecomers like Dell still have a chance to become a force to be reckoned with, Chapman-Banks said. In order to compete with Samsung and LG here, the U.S. company intends to focus on customer service.


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