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HTC Thunderbolt: First Verizon 4G LTE phone

The news broke last week with a tweet that Verizon Wireless would be unveiling some LTE handsets at next week’s CES conference. Rumors abound on what those might be. Well, the website DriodLife has got what appear to be leaked press shots of the first HTC LTE phone headed to Verizon.

HTC hinted on their site about a new phone coming out, but someone let the cat out of the bag with these shots. From the looks of it, the phone resembles the Desire HD, but has clear Verizon branding as well as 4G LTE branding. The shots also show a screen shot of the name Thunderbolt. Up until now speculations were the first HTC LTE phone would be called the Mecha or the Incredible HD.
No specs came along with the photos, but it does have a kick stand for all those who hate to hold the phone while watching videos. Another point that DroidLife points out is the Google logo on the kickstand, which means at least most likely no Bing search, but will it have Sense UI (most likely).
Hopefully this will be hitting the shelves at Cincinnati Area Verizon Stores soon so we can get hands on with it.

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