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HTC 7 Pro Debuts on O2 Next Week

The HTC 7 Pro seems finally ready to make its retail debut, as German carrier O2 will start selling the Windows Phone 7 handset next week.

Last month we heard that Europe would first see the 7 Pro sometime this month, but we had been left hanging as to exactly when the smartphone would first be available. Now O2’s tweeted that German WP7 fans can pick up the model next week in any of its retail locations.

Putting €29 down, and then paying €22 a month for the next two years will make you the proud owner of an HTC 7 Pro, which after working out the installment plan math and converting to dollars, will end up costing around $720. While a price like that isn’t unheard of for an unsubsidized phone, many of the WP7 models available unlocked in the US are more in the $500 range.

After the 7 Pro premieres in Germany as a GSM version, it will eventually make its way to Sprint and its CDMA network in the US. The phone features a Touch Pro 2-esque tilted screen when its QWERTY keyboard is extended, hopefully leading to a slightly more natural-feeling typing experience. When it finally does arrive it the US, it should be among the first CDMA WP7 devices. No word yet on when that will be, short of sometime in the first half of the year.


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