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Unannounced Nokia X1 Approved by the FCC

Nokia’s X-series of handsets will soon welcome a new member: the Nokia X1 (more exactly, X1-00).

Thanks to the FCC (which approved the X1 earlier today), we know that, just like the Nokia X2-00, the unannounced phone is a candybar. We also know that it has a speaker on the back, and features 850 / 1900 MHz GSM connectivity.

There’s no sign of a photo camera, and 3G is likely out of the question. Here’s what the back of the phone (without cover) looks like:
Nokia X1

The Nokia X1 will probably be available in India and China soon – the unit approved by the FCC is made in India anyway. It should be even cheaper than the X2, so I’d say it will cost around $50. We’ll bring more details (and, hopefully, a proper photo of the phone) as soon as we get them.


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