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Canadian HTC Launches: HD7 on Bell 2/10, Desire HD on Telus Soon

Sure enough, after a preponderance of evidence linked the HTC Desire HD to Canadian provider Telus, the company has added the Android smartphone to the selection on its website, though without information on price or availability. If Bell is your Canadian network of choice, we’ve got an HTC update for you, as well, with news that the Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 will hit the carrier on February 10.

We took the time to look over the Desire HD when it arrived in the States last fall, praising the phone’s design and large 4.3-inch screen. While that may make it a smidge too large for some users, we felt it provided a good compromise between size and usability. MobileSyrup initially heard that the phone would make it to Telus on February 10, as well, though the site has since received word that the information was off-target. Since the phone is up on the Telus site already, it does feel like a launch is imminent, probably some other time in February.

Another 4.3-incher, the HD7 will give Canadians their first opportunity to snag a WP7 device with that large a screen. Bell expects to start shipping the phone on February 2, in preparation for the 10th’s release. It doesn’t look from the leaked Bell documents like the company has finished setting up its price points for the phone, but it may end up going for $600 when purchased off-contract.


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