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Samsung Releases New Galaxy S Phones for Asia, Russia and Europe

Today, Samsung Korea announced four new additions to the Galaxy S line of phones: the Samsung Galaxy Ave, Fit, Gio and Mini. There’s no news yet if any of these will find their way to the U. S.

It looks like each of the handsets will have a similar software package to the current line of Galaxy S phones here, including the Samsung Apps store, SWYPE keyboard, and MediaHub. It also looks like they’ll come with Froyo and not Android 2.1. Unlike the phones released State-side, these new Galaxy S models have different display sizes and CPUs as well as different outward designs.

New Samsung Galaxy S
The Galaxy Ace has a 3.5-inch HVGA display and an 800MHz processor and is aimed toward “trendy and sociable young professionals.” It’s available now in Russia and soon in Europe, India and China.

The Galaxy Fit focuses on social sharing, with a highlight on the 5MP camera and its music playback capabilities. With a 600MHz CPU and a 3.31-inch display, it’s definitely not in the superphone category. Russian customers can snag it come February with planned launches in Europe, India and South America.

The Galaxy Gio is named for “jewel” in Italian and Samsung is pushing its stylishness. Another phone that focuses on social media, it has a 3.2-inch HVGA display and an 800MHz display (according to BGR). Same story on release: Russia then Europe, India and China. There’s no firm date, though.

Finally, the Galaxy Mini is touted as “an ideal first smartphone” for the younger crowd. No word on whether there will be some trendy and hip apps pre-loaded for this audience. The main selling point seems to be that it’s small — the screen is just 3.14 inches. It also has the slower 600MHz processor and, yet again, Russian teens will get first blush, with Europe, India and China coming behind.

These phones will be on display at Mobile World Congress next month where we’ll get some hands-on time with them.


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