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HTC Thunderbolt Release Date Was Leaked

Verizon Wireless has promised the launch of a 4G LTE smartphone in February in the past. The HTC Thunderbolt release date has now been leaked, suggesting that it’ll be the smartphone to live up to the promise.

The Droid Bionic was originally expected to be the February release, but it recently became clear that it won’t be released until later this year. In a recent tweet, Verizon Wireless said that the HTC Thunderbolt will arrive sooner than expected.

“Sooner than expected” probably means “just around the corner”, as Android Central has been able to identify a device that’ll be released on February 14 as the HTC Thunderbolt. A leaked Best Buy ad also suggests that the Thunderbolt will be up for pre-order in just a few days from now.

It looks like Best Buy won’t be the only retail chain to offer the HTC Thunderbolt, however, as Washington Post weighs in as follows:

“A wireless-industry source tells us that one other retailer will start taking pre-orders online next week and will have the phone on sale on the 13th.”

If that other retailer is Verizon Wireless itself, we guess it’s safe to say that the HTC Thunderbolt will take on the Verizon iPhone only three and four days after the latter hits Verizon Wireless and Best Buy store shelves, respectively. Additionally, according to Droid-Life, Best Buy will offer the Verizon iPhone on the 10th, Thunderbolt on the 14th, and Motorola Xoom on the 24th.

Rumors recently suggested that the HTC Thunderbolt will not initially ship with integrated Skype video calling and 4G Mobile HotSpot functionality. We guess we’ll find out what the Thunderbolt will offer at launch as soon as pre-orders begin.


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