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Three Samsung Galaxy phones has been released

The Galaxy craze does not stop as Samsung brings out their newest Galaxy line of phones.

These Samsung Galaxy midrange Android phones are namely (from left to right) Samsung Ace, Samsung Fit, Samsung Gio, and Samsung Mini.

I went through a couple of sources to be able to say a few things about these phones and apparently Samsung Galaxy Gio wasn’t released in the Philippines (or will it be later on?)

The Galaxy Ace is known as the most expensive of the trio that was released. It sports a nice sleek look with some really good specs. But looking at the specs you might wanna question the rationality for pricing it at 16K plus. Oh well, we might as well see it to believe it. It’s actual performance maybe a little bit better than we expected.

The Galaxy Fit is, well, fit in terms of specs and at 12K range I think it’s a good phone. I know I’ve been happy with my Samsung Galaxy Spica (except for a couple of lags here and there) but with the Accelerometer attached to this phone I guess I will expect a little something more with this midrange Android phone.

The Galaxy Mini is truly a bugdet phone priced at 10K plus. It kinda reminds me of the budget Samsung Galaxy 5 which I believe is actually quite a good phone if you ask me. I just wonder if they might have something more to show with this phone aside from it being a froyo.


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