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AT&T Presents Motorola Atrix 4G Smartphone

Motorola made one of the biggest splashes at CES with its Atrix 4G Android phone that can also serve as a brains of a laptop dock or even as an entertainment dock to play high-def media into an HDTV.

The device is almost here, as AT&T has announced that it will start taking pre-orders for the Atrix 4G on February 13 for the March 6 release date.

The key question, of course, whenever a new device is offered through a carrier is how much it will cost. AT&T will offer two special packages for customers who choose to purchase the Atrix 4G. The first combines the phone with the and the laptop dock for a promotional price of $499.99 after a two-year service contract and $100 mail-in-rebate after subscription to Data Pro smartphone data plan and tethering add on.

Yes, getting the entire bundle for $500 requires a 2-year agreement for the $45 data plan. Those that don’t opt for the contract will have to pay $499.99 for the laptop dock itself.

As for the entertainment dock that hooks up to the TV or external monitor, it comes with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and a remote control for $189.99.


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