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Palm And Sprint Developing WiMAX Phone

The Palm handsets fans might be cheered up after they read that Sprint is preparing a partnership with their beloved smartphone manufacturer for the release of the first WiMAX phone.

After the bad news that Palm decided to make public regarding their low-sales and that the future of their company is looking not so good, this news seems to be a major lifeline. The first company that was attached to a Sprint Nextel WiMAX phone was HTC, meaning that this new approach that Sprint heading to has taken a lot of people by surprise as i don’t think that someone thought of such a partnership despite Sprint and Palm share a somewhat common past.

My personal opinion of this partnership and their possible release of the WiMAX phone is that it will be a sure success for Sprint and for Palm it will make wonders, as they were on the edge of a cliff wondering whether to ‘jump right off it’ or just ’hover slowly until they reach the hardest ground’.

So, the launch of the 4G technology will coincide for sure with the salvation of Palm and with Sprint becoming the Nr.1 carrier in the US.


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Palm Annouches Pixi Smartphone

Palm has confirmed the availability of their second WebOS smartphone in the form of the Palm Pixi (previously known as Palm Eos or Palm Pixie). See the video inside the post.

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