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First 4G Phone to be launched by Sprint

Sprint Nextel Corp. is set to introduce a 4G smartphone, the first 4G-compatible phone in U. S., based upon Google’s Android operating system and built on WiMAX technology.

The carrier has already introduced non-phone devices, such as wireless cards, mobile hotspots, and USB modems for 4G.

Clearwire Corp., which is handling the roll-out and maintenance of the network, has already along with Sprint, pushed 4G as a replacement broadband service thus taking advantage over Verizon wireless, which rolled out its own
4G network, using a rival technology called Long-Term Evolution.

Paget Alves, Head of Sprint’s Business Markets Unit, said that interest in WiMax has lifted subscriber growth and now the adoption of WiMax would satisfy the consumers’ demands for a higher-speed connection.

Availability of the phone handset with dual mode, to the cities of Houston, New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington will enable 120 million people to access the facility.


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